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About company

Pankade Kaardikeskuse AS (Card Centre of Banks Ltd or "PKK") is a company devoted to serve the electronic payments and payment card infrastructure. Company was established on 1993 by Estonian banks.

PKK is the dominating provider of payment processing solutions for cards to banks and finance institutions in Estonia. PKK has a unique and very important role in the Estonian financial services markets as it is the national standard setting body for the payment cards processing. Moreover, PKK is responsible for certification of all the card payment solutions that are in use in Estonia, as well as it currently chairs the inter-bank round table for common card developments, risks and fraud.

PKK owners were three biggest Estonian banks - Swedbank, SEB and Sampo Pank - till 2008 when PKK was acquired 100% by the leading Nordic Processor Company NETS.

From December 2009 has PKK area manager in Latvia.


NETS Estonia offers a comprehensive range of critical services within the area of POS (Point of Sales) and ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) transactions, including authorisations, clearing and settlement procedures, switching, capture and blocking services. PKK is intermediating transactions between local banks and international card organisations (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners Club, JCB), also organises POS and ATM cross-usage between Estonian banks. Additionally, PKK is offering systems and the technical platform for mobile payments, as well as sale, maintenance, and rent services of POS terminals. PKK offers POS terminals from different vendors with wide range of communication possibilities - dial-up, LAN, WiFi and GPRS.

PKK offers also solutions for client cards.